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Giant Bruise: Islip 19 May (Season: 2002)
Report by: Our man in Oxford

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Its Us!
I shall make this report quite short, mainly as I can't type very well given the giant bruise on my left hand I got attempting a c and b that subsequently bounced off my finger and headed boundary-wards

Twas a dull and dismal day and me and Jacobs headed Oxfordwards in his Mini Cooper with the ten inch wheel. Shall we stop for petrol he queried? No we are late I replied. We made it on fumes.

So Cap'n Alex put us into the field first (he doesn't like to field after tea as it upsets his digestion apparently.). The innings opened well, with yours truly taking a pretty fine slip catch after returning Salix hero Dodgy Dave DB took the pain out of the ball. See diagram. We bowled v tight and kept them down to 20 in the first 10 overs. We pretty much kept it that way across the whole game and a spectacular throw direct to the stumps by Clarkster was the highlight of a pretty impeccable bowling and batting performance. We were motoring. Even Stevie J bowled 10 overs and was still walking.

After tea, we got off to a very slow start, the two Islip bowlers were impeccable in line and length. By 10 overs we were 13 for 1 (and most of those extras). But methinks the Islip Captain made a tactical mistake leaving his two openers on - they got tired and kept the run rate down, but when they had exhausted their overs the first change came on Jeremy and our new team hero Sukhbinder were well placed to take advantage. So, Jezza and Sukh we salute you. Not only for your 6's and 4's and for your 50's, but for putting us in a position to win,. and Sukh especially for the comedy run out of Mr Swindells (a team classic). Naturally things did not all go to plan as our middle order collapsed and with 6 runs needed to win Clarskter and Bushy stepped to the front (leaving yrs truly and Stevie J cacking our pants in case it was like last year where we failed with just a few runs to go.) But we should not have feared. They whacked off the winning 4 with 4 overs to go.

This was actually a great game - very close, really nice opponents and a wonderful days cricket. As me and Stevie searched the Oxford ring road for a packet of Marlboro lights and a thimbleful of juice for the Mini, I reflected that whilst we got cricket, the worlds a better place. Mind you today I'm so stiff I cant even walk. but hey, who cares

Salix CC versus Islip at Islip on 19-05-2002(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)147for 7off36.4overs Match Won
Islip146for 8off40overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.David Dodwell-Bennett0Bowled
2.Jeremy Hogben57Bowled
3.Dominic Spillane7Caught & Bowled
4.Sukhbinder Barn53Bowled
5.Matt Swindells0Run Out
6.Dominic Guinness5Caught
7.Alex Newton0Bowled
8.Neil Clark2Not Out
9.Andy Bush9Not Out
10.Tony Fletcher0Did Not Bat
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs10321210.5030.002.10
2.Andy Bush10128214.0030.002.80
3.Neil Clark6015115.0036.002.50
4.Tony Fletcher70310--4.43
5.Alex Newton4022122.0024.005.50
6.Matt Swindells30120--4.00
Neil Clark1catch
Tony Fletcher1catch
Dominic Guinness1catch
Dominic Spillane1catch
Tony Fletcher1drop

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