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We end with a loss: vs Aston Rowant 17 Sep 2016 (Season: 2016)
Report by: Lottie and YM

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Fluttering proudly in the damp
Report by Lottie

One cold September day brought the finale of the 2016 cricket season. The sky was overcast, like usual in England in September, but the pitch was a belter. Aston Rowant vs Salix – west London’s finest. As Salix won the toss, Aston were put into bat.

Aston’s innings didn’t get off to a flyer, as expected, with Oli Shaw getting out for a four ball duck – bowled by Fev. Luckily for Aston, Jake Humphreys and Sasha White built up a strong partnership, both making it past 50. They were both ran out for 77 and 56 respectively. Then Ben Shaw – an ex- Salix player- was bowled third ball for 0 from CK1. More runs came from Joe Chown’s quick fire 45 before a final ball 5 from Tango and Oli Shaw – returning to the crease to build up the numbers- after the ball stopped an inch away from the boundary line. Aston finished on 236 – 8 off their 35 overs. Stand out bowling performances from Salix were: CK1 2-41 off 7 overs, Fev 1-32 off 6 overs, Dylan 1-46 off 5 overs and Stuart 1-33 off 7 overs.

The two Salix openers came out with a bang with Heaton making 37 and Siv making 82 – a 108 run partnership. Unfortunately no one pushed on for Salix after the two openers had gone. Salix only managed to muster 189-8 in their 35 overs, Tony and Dylan the last two standing. Excellent bowling performances from Joe Chown 3-29 off 6 overs, Tango 2-12 off 7 overs and Jake Humphreys 1-35 off 6 overs. It was difficult for Aston as they only managed to get a team of 9 players together – bearing in mind that 4 were under 15 and 4 were over 47 whereas Salix had no kids. Whether that was an advantage or not Salix had the most experience throughout the team.++

By Lottie

YM adds:

Thanks to Lottie for telling it like it was and being kind enough not to mention the dropped catches. We look forward to making this a regular game, however the under 15's will be under 16 next year which rather fills us with trepidation.

The Nurdler-YM combo will also be over 125 years by then as well. This was Siv (and maybe Fevs) last games for us as well, as world travel beckons, and it was fitting that Siv hit a big knock and, together with the Chubby One put on a Salix record opening partnership. Fevs first over was total blinder as well and we'll skip over the 3 beamers in a row that saw him taken off bowling (but the ball was a damp dishrag by then). All in all, a great day out

Drops Siv, YM and Tuffers all off poor CK: Fev dropped one off Arsey

Salix CC versus Aston Rowant at Aston Rowant on 17-09-2016(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)191for 8off35overs Match Lost
Aston Rowant236for 7off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Roger Heaton37Run Out
2.Sivaarun Thangarajah82Bowled
3.Christy Kulasingam0Bowled
4.Unknown (Guest)7Bowled
5.Andrew Grant3Caught
6.Adam Darling10Bowled
7.Fevin Mascarenhas14Run Out
8.Stuart Lumsden2Bowled
9.Tony Fletcher8Not Out
10.Dillan Unadkat1Not Out
11.Dominic Spillane0Did Not Bat
1.Fevin Mascarenhas4032132.0024.008.00
2.Unknown (Guest)60330--5.50
3.Andrew Grant5035217.5015.007.00
4.Christy Kulasingam7041141.0042.005.86
5.Dillan Unadkat30360--12.00
6.Stuart Lumsden7133133.0042.004.71
7.Adam Darling30200--6.67
Christy Kulasingam2catches
Tony Fletcher1drop
Fevin Mascarenhas1drop
Sivaarun Thangarajah1drop
Dillan Unadkat1drop

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Arsey left the following remarks on 20th September 2016

Where's the mention of the Jonty-esque runout?!