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Whoops..: vs Whalers 07 May 2017 (Season: 2017)
Report by: YM

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Chintan, Prash and Bala
And so to our season opener. Which should probably have been re-titled Whalers versus Whalix, so short of players were we. An abominable cluster of events led to us turning out 7 actual men and one elderly person along for the ride. Yes, Visa extension denials, pregnancy, bad back due to digging up asparagus, working abroad, stag weekends, more bad backs (unspecified), Vestibular neuronitis, a three year olds birthday party, Sainsbury's working hours rota, . Well, I could go on...

So we were very grateful to the Whalers who lent us Nick full time and several fielders in rotation and agreed to bat first to ensure a slightly longer game. We were also very pleased to say hi to two new recruits Bala and Chintan, who fit right in.

And so the mullering commenced: Captain Paddlers bowled everyone in the team except Irwin and all gave their best: stand out work from Granty, Nick Howes, Chintan and Bala with Prash finishing up after taking one of the best catches we have seen for a long time, one handed above his head running round the boundary.

But the Whalers have a great batting attack, Andrew unlucky not to hit a 50 (48) and Ross retiring on an excellent 101. And so after tea, our talk was of not getting our lowest ever, but even though people played in unfamiliar positions everyone tried, a few connected and we broke a hundred and a nice 50 from Prash.

Whalers, Gents as ever ensured we all had a great afternoon and a few beers after. And finally, I want to use this platform to apologise for a getting an umpiring call wrong (caught off a no ball). I'd like to say I'm only human and I'd also like to blame my ear infection. But truthfully, I just fu**ed it up, and to that end I have requested that the Salix lads take me out to a far net and euthanise me humanely under the heavy roller (there has been surprising interest in doing this). Thanks to Ross for being nice about it.

In a final point of trivia, this could be the first ever game where a pair of boots has featured in both innings, as Matts sole ripped off right at the end of the Whalers innings and my smelly size 10's were a snug enough fit to see him through fielding and bowling. I've sent them off to Sellarfield for de-contamination and they'll be as a good as new.

So onwards and upwards for our return when we hope to be at slightly fuller strength!

Salix CC versus Whalers at Kings House Sports Ground Chiswick on 07-05-2017(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)127for 9off23overs Match Lost
Whalers270for 5off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dave Henig20Bowled
2.Chintan Shah6Caught
3.Prash Sharma56Bowled
4.Balakalyan Kakumanu13Bowled
5.David Padmore6Caught
6.Andrew Grant0Bowled
7.Unknown (Guest)4Caught
8.Tony Fletcher0Bowled
9.Irwin Sarif10Not Out
10.Andrew Grant4Bowled
1.Andrew Grant7035135.0042.005.00
2.David Padmore20160--8.00
3.Dave Henig20250--12.50
4.Unknown (Guest)7041220.5021.005.86
5.Balakalyan Kakumanu7052226.0021.007.43
6.Chintan Shah50410--8.20
7.Tony Fletcher10140--14.00
8.Prash Sharma4038138.0024.009.50
Irwin Sarif1catch
Prash Sharma1catch
Person Unknown1drop

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