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Not a weekend: Emmanuel 13 June (Season: 2002)
Report by: Chubby Chops

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The giant Dyson

We played this 20 over after work game as due to fixture congestion we couldn't fit in a regular Sunday event.  So the team straggled up, pretty much on time, and under the leaden skies that have been a feature of the early 2002 season to the (rather puddingy) but very good pitch at Wimbledon Rec.

So we randomly decided the order and Emmanuel batted.  I have to say Salix did ok in the field.  Highlights included a great slip catch by Paul off Fletch's bowling and good stumping by Dominic (again off Fletch). We bowled well and kept it tight.  99 to get in 20 overs.  With hindsight, we might have noticed that most of our wickets came from clean bowleds......

Now, imagine a 400 foot high Dyson vacuum cleaner.  Imagine the kind of vacuum that would produce. You couldn't get a bigger suck than that could you.  

Well sadly you could.  And it was our batting.

I'll let the table below tell the tale, and looking back on the Salix all time stats it was not quite our worst ever performance. But it was bloody close.  4 ducks.  5 people got 4 or less and only 2 got into double figures.

Still, nice opponents and nice to actually play a game when it wasn't called off through rain

Salix CC versus Emmanuel at Wimbledon Rec on 13-06-2002(20 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)59all outoff17.2overs Match Lost
Emmanuel99for 6off20overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Paul Rogers17Bowled
2.Richard Winter0Bowled
3.Andy Bush0Bowled
4.Sukhbinder Barn0Bowled
5.James Manthel4Bowled
6.Ollie Carter10Caught
7.Dave Henig1Bowled
8.Kevin Kennedy2Bowled
9.Dominic Spillane4Caught
10.Tony Fletcher1Not Out
11.Steve Jacobs0Bowled
1.Steve Jacobs4140--1.00
2.Paul Rogers4016116.0024.004.00
3.Sukhbinder Barn40170--4.25
4.Tony Fletcher402337.678.005.75
5.Andy Bush4014114.0024.003.50
Paul Rogers1catch
Kevin Kennedy1drop

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