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Fine margins: In which our heroes manage the seemingly impossible: vs Islip 21 May 2017 (Season: 2017)
Report by: The rusty Monty Look-alike

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Bala gets capped by CK
And so we travelled to Islip, a very pretty pitch, with a very pretty pavilion, near a very pretty pub in a very pretty village, all under a very pretty English summer\'s sun. With all that said, the wicket was rather sticky, heavy rain over recent days meaning that balls kept low and slow, with an outfield which did little to help the batsmen.

Things started badly, with GC (sunny with the afterglow of a recent birthday) falling cheaply, quickly followed by CK, who timed a ball beautifully, only to pick out mid-on. Rog managed to conjure up some fireworks, until he too was caught looking for the boundary. At the other end Dozy managed rather better, watchful until the right ball presented itself, but eventually both he and Granty fell to tricky balls. Having been 45/4, wickets tumbled as we were reduced to 50/8 and dark talked turned to the lowest total...

The awful fate of 59 all out was avoided by a wagging tale (although in truth the relief bowlers offered more to the batsmen). Monty (recently rechristened), Smutmeister and The Nurdler managed to add 29 runs for the final two wickets, with some help from the extras. But in truth we played to lessen the shame, rather than with much hope we could defend the total we had achieved. When Smutty was clean bowled in the 30th over our heroes trudged to lunch with a hard task ahead.

But the Captain believed. The Captain was right.

When we resumed, the bowling was excellent. Fast, accurate and backed up by some tight fielding. Granty made an early, and essential, breakthrough, removing a dangerous looking opponent with only 1 run on the board. Even so the partnership that followed tested us, with 25 added leaving us with 9 wickets to take and only 53 runs left to play with.

Step forward the relief bowlers. CK was wonderful, offering nothing but trying to take everything, eventually snagging 3 wickets and bowling nearly as many maidens as not. But even the captain was put in the shade by the birthday boy. Step forward GC, his ginger locks bouncing in the light breeze, his broad smile belying his serious intent, his constant chirpy banter lifting the spirits of his teammates and his bowling as deadly as an Aussie spider on the underside of your toilet seat. GC was close to unplayable, and when he found that the fielders were not up to his requirements (4 drops, all tough chances, but frustrating in a close game) he decided to do the job himself, and cleaned bowled half the oppo batting order for a very well deserved fivefer.

"We can't do this" became "we might" became "we will". And so it proved, with a an incredible 39 run victory being recorded. Although we should make mention of the penultimate Islip batsman. Youth on his side, he showed an application to playing the ball which eluded many of his seniors; we salute William. I hope I don\'t have to face him in 10 years time...

Sweet victory! With cheers, celebratory drinks and stories to be told, all presided over by CK wearing the satisfied look of a Jedi Knight who has just seen his young Padawan lose a hand, yet still get up and biff Darth in the nuggets.

A great game in great settings. Thanks to our opponents; excellent hosts and good sportsmen. The cake was especially good.

All from me for now...on to Romania!

Drops : Tim x2 (Bala, GC), Ols (GC)

Salix CC versus Islip at Islip on 21-05-2017(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)79all outoff30overs Match Won
Islip40all outoff25overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Chris Lamont18Run Out
2.Stuart Lumsden3Caught
3.Christy Kulasingam0Caught
4.Roger Heaton11Caught
5.Adam Darling11Caught
6.Andrew Grant2LBW
7.Balakalyan Kakumanu0Caught
8.Irwin Sarif0Caught
9.Tim Collins3Bowled
10.Oliver Ferrari8Bowled
11.Dominic Spillane10Not Out
1.Andrew Grant40919.0024.002.25
2.Balakalyan Kakumanu51120--2.40
3.Christy Kulasingam5.40832.6711.331.41
4.Stuart Lumsden74450.808.400.57
5.Dominic Spillane2.2010--0.43
6.Irwin Sarif10111.006.001.00
Chris Lamont1catch
Stuart Lumsden1catch
Tim Collins2drops
Oliver Ferrari1drop

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