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In which our heroes avoid defeat and we discover that Mr Darling possesses a forward defensive: vs Whalers 10 Jul 2017 (Season: 2017)
Report by: Nurdler

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A long days work well done
Well, well, well what can we say about a match like this? Quite a lot actually, so let's get straight to it. On another warm and muggy day at Harlington, we turned up with 9 and the Whalers with 11. They sportingly agreed to a) lend us a player and b) play a variant on a time game (70 overs maximum to be bowled in the game, team batting first to declare when they wished).

Naturally we fielded - and proceeded to bowled pretty well, Arsey and Bala opened up and delivered a solid opening spell with Bala winning an lbw decision and Arsey being unlucky to go unrewarded. The first change bowlers kept up the pressure with our loaner Rob inducing a lofted drive to bucket hands Tuffers at extra cover and the stand-in skipper also bowling a peach to induce a nick behind. Three down for not too many and we were feeling cautiously optimistic. Sadly a spell of smiting ensued and although the skipper tried a couple of overs each from Chris (Right Arm Slow promised - Right Arm Slow delivered) and our resident golden-arm Daveski the score continued to mount dangerously. Tuffers responded by bringing back the opening pair who bowled excellently with Bala picking up 2 and Arsey 1. Tuffers came back for Arsey but Bala bowling 7 overs off the reel on a hot, hot day. A great effort and the Whalers, scoring a little more slowly than they might have wished, closed on 200 for 7 off 37 overs.

No time to dwell on tea - let's move straight to the second innings. Daveski and Dozy opened up. Daveski smote and Dozy blocked and the opening stand realised 63 runs with Daveski contributing a sparkling 52 before pulling Special K to Bala at deep backward square leg. Rob the ringer came in and carried on smiting, Dozy forgot to block and was bowled and Arsey came to the wicket with the score at 67 for 2. Runs came quickly and we began to hope - if only .... but no, Rob repeated Daveski's shot with the same result. If I may pause for a moment for reflection (it would heighten the narrative tension if there were any) you should note that a man batting for the opposition was caught by a man fielding for the opposition - surely only cricket could provide this nuanced sense of identity. Anyway enough of this idle speculation on the notion of self - on with the match. Your correspondent came and went in short order (run out while ball-watching) Chris then came in and showed his 20 over credentials with some meaty shots in scoring 14 and occupying the crease for a useful 6 or 7 overs. We looked to be easing to a draw but Chris was bowled by a swinging full-toss, Rob D went first ball and suddenly the game was back in the balance. Fortunately, cometh the hour, cometh the (yesterday's) man. Resolute blocking from our former Direktor helped lead us to the haven of a drawn match. Helped is the key word here because leading the struggle was Arsey who batted through 17+ overs and (in the final over) was observed to play three successive forward defensives. Unprecedented!

Well played all - and I do mean all - without the Whalers' generosity in lending us a player and agreeing to a fixed overs match we would probably not have had a contest half as good as this. I hope both sides stick to the "no injuries whilst playing as a loanee" accord I proposed at the White Hart. I look forward to more pleasant encounters next season.

Salix CC versus Whalers at Harlington on 10-07-2017(Timed Game)
Salix CC (batting second)141for 6off33overs Match Drawn
Whalers200for 7off37overs dec
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dave Henig52Caught
2.Chris Lamont6Bowled
3.Rob Whalers (Guest)18Caught
4.Adam Darling33Not Out
5.Dominic Spillane1Run Out
6.Chris Ritchings14Bowled
7.Rob Dean0Caught
8.Tony Fletcher5Not Out
9.Dillan Unadkat0Did Not Bat
10.Balakalyan Kakumanu0Did Not Bat
1.Balakalyan Kakumanu12144314.6724.003.67
2.Adam Darling9141141.0054.004.56
3.Rob Whalers (Guest)3023123.0018.007.67
4.Dillan Unadkat9047223.5027.005.22
5.Chris Ritchings20130--6.50
6.Dave Henig20200--10.00
Dillan Unadkat2catches
Chris Lamont1catch
Rob Dean1drop
Tony Fletcher1drop
Chris Ritchings1drop

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