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Footy - its for gurls: Royal College of Science 7 July (Season: 2002)
Report by: Roman Abramovitch

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As per the rest this summer the day dawned to dismal drizzle and as New Dom chauffeured me Heathrow-wards in the Spillanemobile I had no great hopes of fine days cricket. Boy, was I wrong. So first a summary - a really great days cricket against the nicest bunch of blokes you could hope to meet. And at the Chelsea FC training ground too - they were all there, Frank Lampoon, Emile Zola, Cladio Rainyhaty, Carlo Cuddlichini, and of course, the man with skinniest legs in footy, Mario Supermelchiot.

But I digress. The RCS started v slowly and we commenced by dropping 2 catches of the first over, but you can't really blame trainee wicket keeper (now dropped from his contract..) Mark The Cap'n, noticing we only had 4 people who could bowl had (and I include myself here so that tels you how bad it was..) had to give up his stump position for the day. Anyhow, they only had 10 off the first 10 overs, they accelerated a little as the Cap'n and I came on, then boom. Cap'n Ben got two in a row and bowled for a hat trick (not achieved). And the next over I bowled two in a row and ditto. After only 18 overs they were 76 for 8 (they only had 10 men) and it looked all over. Then their opener who had plugged on all the way stepped up several gears, kept the strike, we dropped several catches and whaddya know, they were 129 all out.

So, then Salix started v slowly. And Alex and Dom managed to get run out and the upper order got out fruitlessly and it was Salix who were 42 for 6. But then, like men in platform shoes in a land of people who only have sandals strode out the Clarkster with his new haircut and the Bushy with his hangover and put on 73 between them and then all of a sudden we need 10 from the last over. And Clarkster was out, and replaced by yours truly cacking his new cricket shorts (very supportive, made of Lycra). And so Bushy and me made a few singles and it was last ball. 5 to draw, six to win and they bowled a slowish, flatish one and Andy hammered it for 4. Lost by one run.

A great game, exciting to the very end. Truly, we lost this by dropping their guy several times but at the end of the day who really cares - an exciting game against lovely opposition. And I'd like say that if Chelsea FC ever want to take Salix on at Cricket, we'd give those guys a run for their money

Salix CC versus Royal College of Science at Harlington on 07-07-2002(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)128for 7off35overs Match Lost
Royal College of Science129all outoff31.2overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane2Run Out
2.Alex Newton2Run Out
3.Mark Amselem15Caught & Bowled
4.Graham Nannery9Bowled
5.Ollie Carter5Bowled
6.Ben Shaw0Caught & Bowled
7.Neil Clark27Caught
8.Andy Bush41Not Out
9.Tony Fletcher3Not Out
10.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Andy Bush72140--2.00
2.Steve Jacobs70300--4.29
3.Ben Shaw4.202145.256.504.85
4.Neil Clark6020120.0036.003.33
5.Tony Fletcher701443.5010.502.00
Andy Bush2catches
Alex Newton2catches
Ollie Carter1catch
Tony Fletcher1catch
Steve Jacobs1catch
Mark Amselem2drops
Andy Bush1drop
Neil Clark1drop
Tony Fletcher1drop
Dominic Spillane1drop

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