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Pick them up: PWC Pick Up 11 Aug 2002 (Season: 2002)
Report by: Our man with the spots

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It's kind of difficult to know where to start here. Basically we couldn't get a PWC pick up team up, so Neil and Chris rounded up some guests, Salix lent a couple and we played a 7 a side, 20 overs then 12 overs game. And boy were we all shagged out at the end. Cap'n Bens team batted first, mindful of the fact that the batting order had to be reversed on the second innings and got away to a rocketing start, then pretty much continued that way to score 136 in the 20 overs. Of course with only 7 fielders including the bowler and keeper, it was never easy in the field. Sadly the PWC team picked up a few tips off Salix and dropped several.

Then the PWC team came in and Clarkster and Gareth really dominated the early part with Neil hitting a well deserved 50 and retiring. The lower order slowed a bit and especially faced some fine bowling from Paul but they finished only 12 behind and it was time for tea.

As the dark summer rain clouds gathered, we all decided to play 12 overs after tea, and the fun really began as Steve and Dodgy had a comedy type run out seeing Dodgy dismissed without scoring, then pretty much the next ball Ben hit a straight drive really hard, it cannoned off Steve's forearm (leading him to retire hurt) and it was then dropped by the bowler! Paul didn't manage to get his new bat in front of one from McCabe and was thus out for a duck and so it was left to Cap'n Ben to hit a fighting 45, ably supported by Ollie to see Salix in for 77 - an 89 run lead.

As the PWC team came out, it looked a tall order, 7 an over, and the run rate started to climb as the wickets fell. Chris K showed exactly what he thought of your's truly's bowling by appearing before me without pads (sadly this proved to be forgetfulness rather than the deliberate cocking of a snook). And so the last 3 overs came up with PWC needing more than 2 a ball, and Paul, continuing his great bowling , cleaned Garth to see us all back in the pavilion with a variety of muscle injuries and general knackeredness from all that running about.

It might not be cricket as we know it Captain, but it's certainly bloody hard work!

12 over scorebook

20 over scorebok

Salix CC versus PWC at Glaxo on 11-08-2002(20 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)77for 4off12overs Match Won
PWC67all outoff12overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Steve Jacobs1Retired Hurt
2.David Dodwell-Bennett0Run Out
3.Ben Shaw45Not Out
4.Paul Rogers0LBW
5.Andy Bush9Bowled
6.Ollie Carter13Bowled
7.Tony Fletcher4Not Out
1.Christy Kulasingam3018118.0018.006.00
2.Neil Clark30717.0018.002.33
Andy Bush1catch
Steve Jacobs1catch

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