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Steve-O gets a strop on: Northwood etc 1 Sept 2002 (Season: 2002)
Report by: Your man not present

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Nice Pad. now demolished
Following our rogering at the hands of the Prez, some of the Saturday Salix team plus a few fresh players assembled at the lovely Merchant Taylor’s Old Boys ground for our game versus Northwood (was the Wombats). Your intrepid reporter cannot comment on the opponents innings as he was off at a christening, arriving only in time to see the arse end of the Salix bowling getting the opposition out for 151. This looked a do-able score to anyone unfamiliar with Salix CC batting.

A note here about the ground, beautiful pitch, lovely manor house etc etc. apparently all being knocked down to make way for a housing estate. You can’t blame the MTCC Old Boys for making a few million out of flogging their pitch I suppose, but its does seem a shame that Salix will have to loose games in less attractive surroundings next year. But I get ahead of myself.

Following tea, Cap'n Matt sent the troops out to bat, and this was a much better performance than the day before, as one after another the lads scored into double figures and kept the run rate up (we’ll have to leave Adam out of this as he copped a rather nasty golden..) but nonetheless we marched on, however wickets were falling rather steadily and as the last (but never the least) man, Mr Jacobs, stepped out to join Mr K it was 20 required off 3 overs.

A monstrous snick to the slips saw Salix not win (being a euphemism for losing…). You will enjoy the photo (see right) where the bat is not levitating of its own accord but flying through the air as Mr J attempts to put his bat in his kitbag from 20 yards away.

But I digress, a close-ish game, beautiful pitch, lovely weather . And special thanks to Charles “Chazza” Hewitt who smoked all my roll ups and journeyed all the way from Bournemouth to play with us again.

Salix CC versus Wombats (Northwood & Pinner) at Watford Merchant Taylors on 01-09-2002(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)132for 9off32overs Match Lost
Wombats (Northwood & Pinner)161all outoff35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Guinness25Caught
2.Andy Rayner6Bowled
3.Matt Swindells15Bowled
4.Paul Mason22Caught
5.Adam Darling0Bowled
6.Neil Clark17Caught
7.Charlie Hewitt11Caught
8.Christy Kulasingam11Not Out
9.Mike Ellis10Bowled
10.Steve Jacobs0Caught
1.Steve Jacobs7228128.0042.004.00
2.Neil Clark7030215.0021.004.29
3.Mike Ellis7022211.0021.003.14
4.Christy Kulasingam6029129.0036.004.83
5.Charlie Hewitt6123123.0036.003.83
6.Andy Rayner20110--5.50
Charlie Hewitt1catch
Steve Jacobs1catch
Paul Mason1catch
Andy Rayner1catch
Mike Ellis1drop
Charlie Hewitt1drop
Paul Mason1drop

Big Strop

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