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Paddington Rec: Abraxas Paddington Rec 19 Aug 93 (Season: 1993)
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WIN. Our last game at the dog shit strewn Paddington Rec. Steve Went made his only 50 ever against us having been recalled for a dodgy caught decision. Phil Williams made an effortless 50 for us and proved he was in a different league by going and playing in one, and never turning out for us again.

Salix CC versus Abraxas at Paddington Rec on 19-08-1993(20 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)98for 0off16.3overs Match Won
Abraxas97for 7off20overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Charlie Hewitt25Not Out
2.Phil Williams50Retired
3.Mark Rodbert15Not Out
4.Jeremy Brown0Did Not Bat
5.Simon Curtis0Did Not Bat
6.Tony Fletcher0Did Not Bat
7. Fox0Did Not Bat
8.Ziyad Georgis0Did Not Bat
9.Richard Price0Did Not Bat
10. Raj0Did Not Bat
1.Jeremy Brown40300--7.50
2.Simon Curtis40150--3.75
3.Charlie Hewitt41140--3.50
4.Richard Price40110--2.75
5. Raj41110--2.75

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