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Exciting: Freewheelers June 23 (Season: 2001)
Report by: Fletch

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Our man in the red hat MOTM!!
I have been playing cricket, not very well, and for a long time, and this game was absolutely one of the most exciting I can remember. Last year the Freewheelers comprehensively rogered us and I, for one, was looking forward to this game with some trepidation. 

On the morning of the game the groundsman phoned to say that on the Saturday the teams in a 40 over game had scored a combined 520 on this pitch - a huge total on an excellent  ground with large boundaries.  Anyhow the afternoon dawned red f**#ing hot (as it says in the scorebook), acting Captain Alex lost the toss and the Freewheelers went out to bat.  

Steve J took an excellent early wicket and then it all went a bit sideways as their 1 and 3 started hammering us - putting on 121 in 17 Overs.  Then Cap'n Alex brought on the second change bowlers (me and Andy "I gotta go for dump" Bush.  Fast and meagrely from one end, and getting slogged around from the other (I'll leave you to guess which), it was still going sideways, then a miracle as Fletch got the two openers (one on 49, the other on 53) in consecutive balls including a great  catch by Dom G on the boundary.  Then there followed another slightly tricky patch before Andy dispatched 4 and 5 with some great clean bowling and Steve J and Mike Ellis cleaned up the tail.  Still, at tea we were facing 250.  Salix CC has only ever once scored this many and never chasing.  The sun might have been out but it was looking gloomy. 

As we spent the tea interval gazing wondrously at the stupendous bruise on Alex's leg that being hit on the shin whilst fielding at silly mid on without shin pads gets you, I for one thought it better to concentrate on the chocolate cake than the total.  However, we had a big group of supporters (it's hard sitting in the sunshine drinking Pimms, and we appreciate you all putting in the effort!) and so we couldn?t let them down. 

Like behemoths to the mountain (Ed: insert better metaphor here) our openers, Dom S and David "Can I have a runner" Henig strode manfully out (actually Dave hobbled out) and they set about the Freewheelers total putting on a fantastic 85 before Dave got caught.  Then Paul stepped in an hit a lighting 45 and by 26 Overs we were on  155.  Suddenly it all looked possible.  Steve and Andy Foster then did their bit before shooting off to see Roxy Music in Concert (but staying in touch via SMS) and Andy Bush and Dominic put on 50 or so rapid runs leaving the tail enders to get just ten runs, which Mike Ellis proceeded to do.  254 for 8 in 39 Overs.  We'd won with an over to spare!!

The Freewheelers very kindly brought along an award for the Man of the Match and we were all agreed that Dominic Spillane was a worthy recipient with a great, and quick 65.

All in all a fabulous day.  We played as a team, everyone put in all they had and the Freewheelers were fantastic opponents.  We'll be doing all again next year, and if we can only hold a couple more catches? 

Salix CC versus Freewheelers at Glaxo on 23-06-2001(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)254for 8off39overs Match Won
Freewheelers250for 7off40overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dave Henig28Caught
2.Dominic Spillane68Bowled
3.Paul Rogers45Bowled
4.Steve Jacobs5Run Out
5.Andy Foster0Caught
6.Dominic Guinness16Bowled
7.Andy Bush35Bowled
8.Mike Ellis7Not Out
9.Christy Kulasingam0Run Out
10.Alex Newton0Not Out
11.Tony Fletcher0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs801929.5024.002.38
2.Alex Newton60460--7.67
3.Tony Fletcher8075237.5024.009.38
4.Andy Bush8144222.0024.005.50
5.Mike Ellis4012112.0024.003.00
6.Christy Kulasingam40310--7.75
7.Paul Rogers2080--4.00
Dominic Guinness2catches
Tony Fletcher1catch
Dave Henig1catch
Paul Rogers1catch
Paul Rogers2drops
Tony Fletcher1drop
Dominic Spillane1drop

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