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Black sky: Phene July 15 (Season: 2001)
Report by: No idea

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Well, the sky might have looked black in the morning, causing some of the team to phone up with a plaintive "is it raining near you" (somewhat preferred by Herr Director to the "I'm too hung over to know where I am [copyright O Carter])

Well all 12 of us turned up and Dom S was kindly volunteered to play for them.  He may well have started the day by looking forward to being on a winning side, but t'was not to be.  Oh no.

The 4 men of the Phene that had turned up batted first and Stevie and Bushy went through them like a dose of salts. The opener was unlucky to play on via his pads, then Ben took great catches off Steve and Andy and it was 3 wickets for 2 runs.  Then out strode the middle order (Mr Deelen) and started to knock us around.  As Steve presciently remarked to yours truly in the slips as Mr Deelen was dropped early on, that's a 50 catch gone down. Then a few Overs later Mr D was put down again, by err, um, Steve.  Anyhow, the Cap'n in his infinite and glorious wisdom brought yours truly on to bowl his unique brand of slow rubbish and Mr Deelen fell to my second ball, which if he had left it would have been a wide.  But Simon caught it on the boundary.  The rest of the bowlers then did v well and by tea the Phene had grown to 10 men and were all out for 169.

Then in strode the Clarkster and the Henig and they bashed away, Clarky hitting a fast 50 and Matt, Paul and Rob all cracking 25 or more and by 30 Overs it was home to an early bath.

Lovely game, great ground, nice people and great to win against a team we haven't beaten for years and years and years.  Something for everyone today I think.  And our third win of the season.  And Cap'n Ben says we have to hold on to our catches more.
Salix CC versus Phene at St Benedicts School on 15-07-2001(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)170for 5off30overs Match Won
Phene169all outoff33overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Neil Clark50Bowled
2.Dave Henig8Bowled
3.Matt Swindells26LBW
4.Paul Rogers25Bowled
5.Rob Bailey9Caught
6.Ben Shaw29Not Out
7.Simon Dodd6Not Out
8.Mike Ellis0Did Not Bat
9.Tony Fletcher0Did Not Bat
10.Andy Bush0Did Not Bat
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs511829.0015.003.60
2.Andy Bush711728.5021.002.43
3.Neil Clark40250--6.25
4.Simon Dodd30240--8.00
5.Tony Fletcher5036136.0030.007.20
6.Mike Ellis6027213.5018.004.50
7.Rob Bailey301728.509.005.67
Ben Shaw2catches
Rob Bailey1catch
Neil Clark1catch
Simon Dodd1catch
Mike Ellis1catch
Simon Dodd1drop
Mike Ellis1drop
Steve Jacobs1drop

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