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Andy Foster had a dream.: Welwyn July 29 2001 (Season: 2001)
Report by: No idea

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Andy Foster had a dream.  

Well, this weekend had broken all heat records for the last 25 years, so it perhaps wasn't surprising. 
In his dream he was sandwiched between two nubile young... (whoops, wrong dream).   No, seriously  in his dream he was 70 years old and his brand new Salix bat, what Steve bought him for his 40th birthday, had never scored a run.  His dream luckily did not come true.  But as the Swordsman was tossing in his sweat ridden bed, the Director of Cricket was having a nightmare.  He turned up, dropped catches, bowled rubbish and was clean bowled for a duck. Again.  And as he woke, he realised it was no dream, it was Monday morning and he was writing the weekly cricket report.  Oh woe.

Well, as I say, I was a real roaster, Acting Cap'n Alex lost the toss in traditional style and then we went out to get broiled. Cap'n Ben says Catches win matches and this was clearly true as we dropped their two key batsmen several times (one who got 71, the other 113). Admittedly a couple  were quite hard but there were a couple of easy ones too.  It was a sweat ridden and somewhat humorless team who trudged back for tea.  Cap'n Alex has been studying Mike Brearleys interpretation of Xerxes rallying call the to the troops in the Peloponnesian wars, however most people were struggling to get rehydrated.

And so to bat.  And it didn?t look too bad at all for a while, with Alex getting a half century, The Swordsman hitting a swashbuckling 30 and extras getting a whopping 33!  But then the top batsmen came on to bowl, having had a little rest and did us up like kippers (Hurd 8 over, 3 w for 9!!) (Howard, 5 overs, 4w for 23).

And so it was a disconsolate Director of cricket who trudged to his car at 9pm.  Perhaps he could go to sleep and when he woke up he would be celebrating his century, sandwiched between two nubile? "The Foster Sandwich"
Salix CC versus Welwyn Village at Glaxo on 29-07-2001(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)160all outoff35.1overs Match Lost
Welwyn Village243for 2off40overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dave Henig16Caught
2.Alex Newton55Caught
3.Paul Rogers9Bowled
4.Ollie Carter4Bowled
5.Andy Foster30Caught
6.Dominic Guinness0Caught
7.Andy Bush14Caught
8.Christy Kulasingam0Bowled
9.John Lock1Bowled
10.Tony Fletcher0Bowled
11.Steve Jacobs0Not Out
1.Steve Jacobs81400--5.00
2.Alex Newton4032132.0024.008.00
3.Andy Bush83190--2.38
4.Tony Fletcher50380--7.60
5.Paul Rogers70340--4.86
6.Christy Kulasingam50380--7.60
7.Dominic Guinness20130--6.50
8.Andy Foster10120--12.00
Andy Bush1catch
Andy Foster2drops
Tony Fletcher1drop
Dave Henig1drop

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