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Mr. Fish said it would rain: Cricketers Aug 18 (Season: 2001)
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Well, Mr. Fish said it would rain and he was correct. A dismal drizzle commenced about halfway through the Cricketers innings and did not abate.  So we called the game off.

But at the start it had all seemed so different.  After putting their motors in West London's most expensive parking the Salix team miraculously assembled on time and on the green.  We then won the toss (some mistake surely, Ed) and elected to put the Cricketers in to bat.

Their antipodean contingent then set themselves to feast on our bowling and though the Salix lads labored mightily it really did take quite some time before we broke through.  Still we ground on and we were rewarded with wickets eventually and the Cricketers tail then pretty much caved in. Steve J bowled v well after a little break to get his breath back and got 3 well deserved wickets.  Bushy was mean as ever and Simon bowled his unique brand of not quite every ball a no ball to get 3 himself.

By tea all the shoppers had evaporated and the rain was getting stronger, so our openers really did well to even go out let alone hit some some runs.  But by 5.30 it was clear that the heavens had won and it was back for several or more pints, recovery of cars and sheltering partners and home to the first matches of the Premiership

Salix CC versus Cricketers, Richmond at Richmond Green on 18-08-2001(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)29for 2off10.1overs Match Drawn
Cricketers, Richmond226for 9off40overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Neil Clark6Not Out
2.Robert Orr Ewing7Caught
3.Mark Amselem0Bowled
4.Dominic Spillane0Not Out
5.Simon Dodd0Did Not Bat
6.Andy Bush0Did Not Bat
7.Ben Shaw0Did Not Bat
8.Paul Rogers0Did Not Bat
9.Ollie Carter0Did Not Bat
10.Tony Fletcher0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs812839.3316.003.50
2.Andy Bush8027127.0048.003.38
3.Tony Fletcher8058158.0048.007.25
4.Simon Dodd8046315.3316.005.75
5.Neil Clark6047147.0036.007.83
6.Paul Rogers2050--2.50
Mark Amselem1catch
Andy Bush1catch
Ben Shaw1catch
Mark Amselem1drop
Ben Shaw1drop

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