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Red hot and humid, with a boggy pitch: Freewheelers 14 May 2000 (Season: 2000)
Report by: by Fletch

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After honking it down all night, the day dawned red hot and humid, with a boggy pitch that dried out later on.  I am sure the lads won't mind me saying that we weren't fielding our strongest team (well,  Andy Bush was away drinking in Cambridge). 

 We duly plodded off to a late start after Cap'n Ben lost the toss and proceeded to give our wickets away with monotonous regularity (virtually all catches).  Notable gritty performances from Fredski, back after a long lay off and wishing to claim the No 1 spot as his own and Fletch, Irwin and Andy Foster putting a little grit in to the middle order.  As ever the star performer was EXTRAS scoring a magnificent 29.  This innings was noticeable for Fletch being able to give a 5 run penalty when the ball ran down behind the stumps and hit a bottle of Evian carelessly left lying around - well, what are rules for?

Following an excellent tea knocked out by Ben and Lucinda, the Freewheelers made a good start and in fact one of their openers remained unbeaten hitting 56.  Steve Jacobs bowled exceptionally well, being unlucky not to get a wicket, Craig pulled something unpleasant in his groin and was not able to continue, however our star was Alex who is clearly getting a little fitter after his long winter layoff, and dare I say, a little extra poundage?  (not that I can talk you understand).   That said, the Freewheelers cruised to a reasonably easy victory, although we started to get wickets towards the end.  Oh, if we were only 20 years younger and twice as skilled........  

The statement of "Craig pulling something unpleasant in his groin" at last weekends game is something you should not be broadcasting to the public.  What Craig does in his own spare time when he is bored is something I do not what to hear about.  To make it worse he's actually got a girlfriend to take care of such requirements unlike some of us other members of the team.
Don't worry chaps you will be back to full strength this weekend.

Salix CC versus Freewheelers at Glaxo on 14-05-2000(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)124all outoff38overs Match Lost
Freewheelers126for 5off27.3overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Fred Maroudas21Caught
2.Craig Brown7Caught
3.Ben Shaw2Caught
4.Alex Newton5Caught
5.Tony Fletcher16Caught
6.Irwin Sarif14Caught
7.Andy Foster15Caught
8.Marco Bouman4Bowled
9.Dave Henig7Not Out
10.Alex Risdale5Caught
11.Steve Jacobs0Bowled
1.Alex Newton7.3237312.3315.004.93
2.Steve Jacobs62150--2.50
3.Craig Brown5120120.0030.004.00
4.Tony Fletcher30160--5.33
5.Andy Foster5019119.0030.003.80
6.Fred Maroudas10100--10.00
Steve Jacobs1catch
Fred Maroudas1drop

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