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Our annual Nemesis from the lands of the south: London Nigerians  11 June 2000 (Season: 2000)
Report by: The Fletch writes

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The day dawned sunny and bright and as our annual Nemesis from the lands of the south (*) approached again. Fresh from a tour of Nigeria they looked slim and match fit, and was my eyes, but had they all grown a bit taller?

Anyhow, in they went to bat, and things weren't looking too bad for us as their first few wickets fell steadily, and they had barely hit the 100 by the 22nd over. Steve Jacobs, having a brief respite from the ageing process had lumbered in to take three great wickets. It was looking, if not rosy, then certainly we weren't staring up the arse end of a (that'll do, get to the point, Ed)

And then Kapoor sent Mackay out. We fell silent. We remembered last year when he hit 122 against us. And the year before 170 something before we stopped counting.

But this year there must have been something wrong as he only hit 79 off  8 Overs, hit two balls clean out of the ground so we never found them again before falling to an excellent catch from our new player Sid, out on the boundary jumping in the air.

And then the tail came in. Had they batted the team the wrong way round we wondered as they hammered us all over. 258 for 8 and time for tea.(**)

Plucky Dicky Winter put a good fight as opener and our big hitter, Mr M, having recovered from his ill fitting shoes of the week before hit a great 64. A couple of ducks from our newer players and we up to the 20th over, and ahead in the run rate!! Pray for rain we cried. Call in Duckworth Lewis. We are winning. But it was a chimera (***).

We had a very spunky tail end (nice metaphor Ed. Thank you: Writer) but many 4's from Ben and Fletch, quite a few extras and even a 6 from Andy Foster couldn?t quite do it. 193 for 8 after 40 Overs and 8.45 at night.

We had expected to be crushed, but we instead we were lightly pressed. And a lovely day was had by all, except the player who lost two fingernails and about half a pint of blood making a great catch. We hope he is ok.

See you next year

(*) Croydon, Bexleyheath etc

(**) Excellent homebaked cakes form Mrs New Dominic)

(***) a kind of car made in Blackpool

Salix CC versus London Nigerians at Glaxo on 11-06-2000(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)193for 8off40overs Match Lost
London Nigerians258for 8off39overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Richard Winter15Caught
2.Dominic Spillane0Caught
3.Simon Mustafa64Caught
4.Paul Rogers0Caught
5.Sohail Sheikh4Bowled
6.Ben Shaw37Not Out
7.Alex Newton1Run Out
8.Andy Bush0Caught
9.Tony Fletcher28Bowled
10.Andy Foster11Not Out
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Andy Bush8026126.0048.003.25
2.Steve Jacobs8137312.3316.004.62
3.Alex Newton8067322.3316.008.38
4.Simon Mustafa80450--5.62
5.Paul Rogers10210--21.00
6.Andy Foster40240--6.00
7.Tony Fletcher2024124.0012.0012.00
Sohail Sheikh1catch
Richard Winter1catch
Steve Jacobs1drop
Ben Shaw1drop

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