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Starts bad, gets worse: Cricketers at Glaxo  Jun 25th (Season: 2000)
Report by: By our man with the PhD in a frigging shambles

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This game started badly, got significantly worse and then a kind of part miracle occurred.  I shall explain.  

The week started rubbishly with various members who shall not be named but who had said they would play then saying they didn't want to and not coming (Jay) and those who had to pull strings and move heaven and earth and miss a hare hunt to come (they did).  And then Alex Risdale phoned Saturday with tonsillitis, and then Simon Mustafa had a family emergency and then Fred and Tony had an EMail  mix up which saw Fred in the bosom of his family and not at the ground, and then Alex Putt set off up the M4, not the M40 and arrived 50 minutes late.  So there we were with no captain, 6 men and a fat bloke with a trapped nerve.  So we batted first, and Irwin phoned the Clarkster whose missus let him come up for 2 hours, and by some miracle we scored 152 runs.  It should be said that that this was due to A:  the Clarkster turning up, fresh from the shower, hitting a magnificent fifty and then hot-footing it to his earlier appointment B: an amazing 54 extras and C: New Dominic hitting thirty odd.

Bowling was always looking dodgy with only seven players (and Craig's girlfriend Sarah who manfully patrolled the fine leg boundary for the whole game), and so Craig and Steve did their very best and  Fletch took a quick wicket and then New Dominic came on and ripped 3 wickets with this very slow spinners and we were HOT HOT HOT in the field with catches and stumpings and running about type stuff and things, and for a moment, it even looked as though we might pull the impossible off.   But in the end 6 men, a fat bloke with a trapped nerve and Australian woman on the boundary and two borrowed fielders succumbed.  but we enjoyed the game and so did they and it was quite close. And we will be back.  This time with a couple more players!! 

Salix CC versus Cricketers, Richmond at Glaxo on 25-06-2000(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)152for 5off40overs Match Lost
Cricketers, Richmond153for 6off32overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Craig Brown2Caught
2.Tony Fletcher7Bowled
3.Ollie Carter2Bowled
4.Neil Clark56Bowled
5.Dominic Spillane30Not Out
6.Dave Henig4Bowled
7.Irwin Sarif2Not Out
8.Dave Henig0Did Not Bat
9.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs10225212.5030.002.50
2.Craig Brown102320--3.20
3.Dave Henig30250--8.33
4.Tony Fletcher3027127.0018.009.00
5.Dominic Spillane602939.6712.004.83
Tony Fletcher1catch
Irwin Sarif1catch

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