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A true wicket: Addlestone July 2nd (Season: 2000)
Report by: By our man with the PhD in pathetic behaviour

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Not too much to report - a heavy, hot and oppressive day, an incredibly true wicket that did nothing whatsoever for the bowlers, a smallish pitch with a fast outfield and a Salix CC team where more than half the team had never met the other half, Captained by the fourth choice person, and a game where everyone wanted to push off and watch the Euro 2000 final between France and Italy and you have the essence of the game.

Losing the toss, our Captain (i.e. me) spent sometime finding out the names of our players and asking what they did. Our two openers then went in, and basically stayed there for 26 Overs. With hindsight our scoring dipped alarmingly in the middle of the game, and this ultimately lost us the match. When the opening pair was broken, we tried a bit of slogging with little success - too little, to late.

After tea we kept a reasonably tight field and bowled a good line and length, but as they told us later, 250 is a winning score on that pitch and without too much trouble they hit our target with 6 Overs to spare. Special mention must go to Mark Amselem who kept wicket incredibly well, especially after being run out before facing a ball in his innings, and to Alex, Ollie and Ian Mayhew who bowled steadily with no real success. Less special mention must go to those members of the team who kept arguing about the field placing and setting it themselves.

Hardly an inspiring day and I think most of the team were pleased to disappear after the match and watch the Frenchies stick one to the Eyeties.

Salix CC versus Addlestone at Addlestone on 02-07-2000(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)194for 7off40overs Match Lost
Addlestone195for 3off34.4overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Craig Brown88Run Out
2.Dominic Spillane42Run Out
3.Mark Amselem0Run Out
4.Oliver Robinson23Bowled
5. MacAdam4Caught
6.Alex Newton13Caught
7.Tony Fletcher0LBW
8.Dave Henig8Not Out
9.Ian Mayhew3Not Out
10.Peter Wild0Did Not Bat
11.Patrick Harrigan0Did Not Bat
1.Oliver Robinson81470--5.88
2.Alex Newton60170--2.83
3. MacAdam6031131.0036.005.17
4.Ian Mayhew7.40390--5.09
5.Tony Fletcher3021121.0018.007.00
6.Craig Brown40310--7.75
Mark Amselem1catch

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