1. Cricket is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy (Stephen Fry)
2. FOOTBALL offers the world clichés; RUGBY produces facial deformity; HOCKEY provides an acceptable outlet for psychotic violence; CRICKET alone breeds myths... More quotes here.

1.Catch and drop data only recorded since 1999
2.Catch data from 1999 only found in 1 table for whole season - data applied to varying games through season and so not accurate on a match level
3.Individual scorebook and final total amounts often do not match - extras are usually amended to meet final quoted total though anomalies may still exist
4.2 innings games are recorded as two single innings matches - this will affect the highest victories etc but shouldn't affect player data such as appearances etc
5.Captains Day matches are not recorded and are not used for average etc calculations
6.Data is incomplete in some places, often not including match results or, more frequently, the overs faced by Salix
7.Player data (especially names) may be incomplete or duplicate
8.Minimum 5 appearances needed to appear in Best Player list
9.Algorithm used to calculate Best Player is as follows:
( ( batting ave points + batting best score points + batting total runs points ) * 2/3 )
( ( bowling ave points + bowling SR points + bowling econ points + bowling best figures points ) * 2/4 )
= Best Player Points
10.Points scored are obtained by looking at the top 100 of each of the 7 areas above and converting your position into points (e.g. top of the list = 100 points, 33rd on the list = 68 points and so on) with no points for being outside the top 100. The batting and bowling points are averaged so that the the ratio of batting to bowling is 1:1
11.If you spot data issues or can complete any of the missing fields then please mail us via the contacts page