Season Stats for : 2022


Only shows players who have attended three or more games. Simply the total runs you have scored (whether out, not out or DNB) dived by number appearances

Player Total Runs Games Attended .
Raj Sadhra35512.
Christy Kulasingam25811.
Adam Darling2438.
Deepak Winston1289.
Sacha Sandelson1103.
Azfar Aslam878.
Dave Henig799.
Ali Somani573.
Saineethan Balasubramaniam5514.
Krutik Desai494.
Rory Dodd413.
Sham Ruperiia283.
Mike Ellis284.
Dillan Unadkat2211.
Ed Long144.
Oliver Ferrari105.
Irwin Sarif53.
Tim Collins05.


(At least one wicket)

Player Wickets Runs Overs Average
Strike Rate
Saineethan Balasubramaniam1342052.032.3124
Raj Sadhra1224759.020.5830
Christy Kulasingam729447.042.0040
Azfar Aslam722542.032.1436
Adam Darling721230.030.2926
Dillan Unadkat636053.060.0053
Sacha Sandelson410018.025.0027
Syed Ali46113.015.2520
Deepak Winston418437.046.0056
Oliver Ferrari39310.031.0020
Andy Spurr25614.028.0042
Mike Ellis211113.055.5039
Roger Heaton2468.023.0024
Dave Henig1445.044.0030
Theo Newman121.02.006
Ali Somani1566.056.0036
Ian Gordan (GUEST)1254.025.0024
Yovaan Ilangakoon1216.021.0036
Sudhir Bowry1132.013.0012
Hugo Bevan16610.066.0060


Player Catches Drops Held %
Christy Kulasingam7188%
Chris Lamont2340%
Azfar Aslam2340%
Dillan Unadkat050%
Raj Sadhra1325%
Sudhir Bowry1233%
Tim Collins2167%
Gary Batting (GUEST)20100%
Rory Dodd1150%
Dave Henig20100%
Deepak Winston1150%
Ed Long20100%
Syed Ali10100%
Adam Darling010%
Munjot Rajasansir10100%
Sham Ruperiia010%
James Waddington (Guest)10100%
Ali Somani10100%
Saineethan Balasubramaniam10100%
Jack Nott-Bower010%
Roger Heaton10100%
Ben Sarif010%
Jacob Sandelson10100%
Harjot Rajasansir10100%