Season Stats for : 2023


Only shows players who have attended three or more games. Simply the total runs you have scored (whether out, not out or DNB) dived by number appearances

Player Total Runs Games Attended .
Raj Sadhra2969.
Christy Kulasingam2467.
Munjot Rajasansir1103.
Adam Darling694.
Dave Henig665.
Syed Ali468.
Ali Somani314.
Krutik Desai285.
Mike Ellis264.
Rory Dodd253.
Ben Sarif253.
Deepak Winston183.
Simon Dodd154.
Dillan Unadkat106.
Oliver Ferrari23.
Irwin Sarif25.


(At least one wicket)

Player Wickets Runs Overs Average
Strike Rate
Mike Ellis81351916.8814
Syed Ali82124826.5036
Dillan Unadkat71813225.8627
Simon Dodd61132018.8320
Christy Kulasingam51572731.4032
Roger Heaton42796.7514
Oliver Ferrari350816.6716
Fergus Dodd3761025.3320
Krutik Desai32989.6716
Deepak Winston142442.0024
Sacha Sandelson139639.0036
Andy Spurr1551155.0066
Adam Darling1841484.0084
Rory Dodd115215.0012


Player Catches Drops Held %
Dillan Unadkat3260%
Raj Sadhra040%
Ben Sarif3175%
Munjot Rajasansir1233%
Irwin Sarif030%
Krutik Desai1233%
Adam Darling1233%
Ish Wood20100%
Deepak Winston20100%
Mike Ellis20100%
Christy Kulasingam1150%
Saineethan Balasubramaniam10100%
Fergus Dodd10100%
Sacha Sandelson10100%
Ali Somani010%
William Orr Ewing010%
Rory Dodd10100%
Syed Ali010%
Dave Henig10100%
Simon Dodd010%
Tim Collins010%
Amar Mehta10100%