Season Stats for : 2024


Only shows players who have attended three or more games. Simply the total runs you have scored (whether out, not out or DNB) dived by number appearances

Player Total Runs Games Attended .
Raj Sadhra1583.
Christy Kulasingam1004.
Saineethan Balasubramaniam744.
Krutik Desai563.
Rory Dodd364.
Syed Ali253.
Dave Henig63.
Irwin Sarif23.


(At least one wicket)

Player Wickets Runs Overs Average
Strike Rate
Syed Ali88119.010.1314
Saineethan Balasubramaniam715420.022.0017
Christy Kulasingam48516.021.2524
Andy Spurr44012.010.0018
Dillan Unadkat38312.027.6724
Krutik Desai3377.012.3314
Fergus Dodd15812.058.0072
Dave Henig1292.029.0012
Simon Dodd1304.230.0025
Raj Sadhra16010.060.0060


Player Catches Drops Held %
Christy Kulasingam4450%
Krutik Desai3175%
Dillan Unadkat1150%
Sham Ruperiia020%
Simon Dodd1150%
Nick Lazarev010%
Rory Dodd010%
Andy Spurr10100%
Mike Ellis010%
Ben Weldon10100%
Saineethan Balasubramaniam010%
Ben Sarif10100%
Oliver Ferrari10100%